From Anxiety to Agility: Unleash Your Full Potential

I teach science-backed strategies and actionable tools to help clients reduce high-functioning anxiety and discover a path to more resilience, productivity and joy.

Would you like to excel in your career without the burden of anxiety weighing you down?

Go on a journey to unwind your anxiety and discover serenity in your professional life. 

Whether your aim is to conquer your nerves in high-pressure situations or enhance your overall resilience and confidence, Leonie’s personalised programmes and expert guidance will guide you every step of the way.

“I’m passionate about helping people let go off high-functioning anxiety, get their job done with greater ease and once again excel at work.”

Leonie Schell


Leonie tailors training programmes to meet each client’s unique needs and objectives, using the following approaches:

Training in Mindfulness

This capacity to pay attention on purpose and with curiosity - deepens self-awareness, self-regulation and empathy - three skills central to robust health and strong leadership.

Cognitive Approaches

Cognitive behavioral training allows us to examine and challenge thoughts and assumptions and gain greater clarity and confidence so we can see things from radically new perspectives.

Applied Psychology

Proven methods and practical tools rooted in scientific research to elevate performance at work and strengthen physical, mental and emotional health.

Neuro Meditation

Combines meditation with neurofeedback to drive impact. By tracking a client's brain wave activity, we can match training plans to specific goals and needs.

What Her Clients Are Saying


“I got so much more than expected from the sessions. Highly recommended to anyone who wants more inner peace.”

Maja Stanic Bibic

Certified executive and team coach. Managing Director of Connect Lead Grow


“Leonie was everything anyone could wish for in a workplace mindfulness teacher, extremely well organised, clear in her directions and the epitome of kindness – a truly wonderful combination.”

Sarah J

Senior Manager, EY


“I have a great deal of respect for Leonie as someone I was immediately able to trust and inspire me to develop my understanding of mindfulness in formal practice and every day life.”


Oxford Mindfulness course attendee


Personal Coaching

Get a tailor-made training plan based on your needs and goals, unparalleled advice and personal accountability to achieve fast results.

Workplace Training

Leonie's tailored talks and trainings are designed to inform, inspire and offer practical science-based tools and resources to help your people turn anxiety into confidence and regain their edge. Get in touch to find the right programme for you


Gain access to a library of self-guided tools and cutting-edge resources backed by research and designed to drastically lessen anxiety. From assessments to guided audio practices, you’ll find everything you need to unwind your anxiety and take control of your life, once again.

Meet Leonie

An economist and change management consultant by background, Leonie is a leading cognitive-based mindfulness teacher, specialising in modern methods to recover from anxiety and increase resilience. 

Leonie is trusted as teacher and teacher trainer by the renowned Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. 

She has developed a unique approach to engage time-poor people and analytical thinkers through her focus on impact, science and practical applications.

Don't Let Your Anxiety Stop You From Realising Your Potential

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