When You Know How To Turn Anxiety into Agility, The Potential is Endless

Leonie’s trainings have helped hundreds of employees in global organisations step out of anxiety and unlock renewed engagement and real resilience.

High-functioning anxiety is prevalent in many workplaces.

Excessive fear of failure cripples productivity and can prevent important change initiatives from suceeding.

But what if you could help your people turn these challenges into opportunities for limitless growth?


In partnership with her clients, Leonie delivers custom-made programmes to transform anxiety into agility and resilience.

Jumpstart Webinars

50-minute-long interactive webinar to jumpstart the resilience journey, engages people through a mix of science, practice, and interaction, and leaves them with multiple practical techniques for immediate application.

Mental Resilience Journey

Deeper learning opportunities across several weeks delivered live or on-demand. Each session is based on the science of the mind and includes actionable anti-anxiety strategies and resilience tools.

Mind Club

Regular short live online drop-in session to reenergise the body and refocus the mind. Short teachings on the science of the mind are combined with micro-practices and tools for everyday use.

Member Community

A confidential community striving to transform nervous energy into energised performance. Employees get access to select self-guided tools, expert resources, audio practices, community support, live trainings, monthly challenges and workshops


1 on 1 coaching offers personal attention and accountability; complete confidentiality and flexibility; and a tailor-made training plan to achieve lasting results quickly

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You’re in good Company

Leonie has delivered trainings for some of the leading organisations around the world

Why Choose Leonie?

Scientific Foundation

Trainings are backed by the latest scientific research in psychology and neuroscience. Leonie doesn’t just offer tips and tricks; she provides a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms of anxiety, resilience and how to transform fear into focused excellence.

Actionable Strategies

Trainings focused on equipping your team with hands-on strategies and practical techniques to step out of anxiety in an instant and learn to calm the nervous system.

Experienced Facilitator

A health economist and mindfulness trainer with background in leading large-scale transformations, Leonie is a sought-after expert on the topics of workplace anxiety, resilience, mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural training.

Tangible Results

Perceived Stress
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Energy To Spare
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Engagement at Work
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Would Recommend
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*Data from EY (2016), 12 courses and more than 190 participants were analysed. All evaluations are statistically significant and used rigorous pre- and post-assessments at the individual level using validated measurement scales.

Don’t let workplace anxiety hold your team back

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